Sinai Thunder
nigerian dwarf goats




*B Sinai Thunder AG Asher *S


DOB :  6/7/12 (Triplet) Blue-Eyes
Sire :  *B Olson Acres RC Augustine *S
Dam :  CornerStone Farm MM Charity 1*M *DAR


     We're very excited to introduce Asher,  our first retained Sinai Thunder buck. We are so blessed to have his sire and dam. Both have National Champions and Dairy Breed Leaders in their immediate pedigrees, and each are 1 GCH away from becoming Finished champions. Ironically, they both have won Best in Show---quite the feat for Nigerians. Unfortunately Augustine's show career has ended due to a leg injury. Charity, on the other hand, is still showing, winning her latest GCH (in both registries) at the 2013 Kidding Around Classic. 
     Augustine has already started to prove himself on a National level through his milking genetics. Lightly bred in 2010, his only two daughters-in-milk earned their AR status, one of which was BREED LEADER in the Nation for AGS 1 Day Test in Protein and  4th in BF. His next crop of does (2012) have won GCHs in the show ring, and are quickly on their way to earn their Milk Stars and AR status, living up to the Milking Awards and accomplishments in his pedigree. 

     Charity, whose sire has the rare accomplishment of being an ARMCH buck, is also equally very impressive. Twice in her 2013 lactation, she's milked over 5# with her high being 5.4# (w an 8% BF, giving her a score of 80.87).  In her 5th month, she's over 700# and still going strong. It seems that Charity passes her gorgeous udders to her daughters, who are also on their way to earn their Milking Stars and AR status as well as successful show careers. Asher's litter sister, Sinai Thunder AG Patience won her Jr GCH in both NDGA and ADGA in one week. Congratulations goes to Kate and Ben Helms!!!!


Sire's Line:

*B Olson Acres RC Augustine *S
2 X GCH Senior Buck, 1 X Best in Show

Courtesy of Jill Rudolph at CapraKoza.

Augustine's Daughters
CapraKoza AG CousCous 1*M *DAR 1 X BU Breed Leader 2012 AGS National 1 Day Test,
Sinai Thunder AG Faith (FF) and Sinai Thunder SS Zoe (FF)

(Right two photos courtesy of Sycamore Springs.)

Asher's Litter Sister: Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2 X JrGCH
CapraKoza AG Confessions 2*M 5*DAR 1 X GCH, 1 X RsGCH

Photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis Farm.             Photo courtesy of Sycamore Springs Farm.

Augustine's Dam
CH/MCH Olson Acres Monica 1*M *D
7 X GCH, 3 X RsGCH, 2 X Champion Challenge, 3 X Best Udder, 2009 AGS Top 10 1 Day Milk Award Winner

Photos courtesy of Olson Acres.

ARMCH Lost Valley Serabi 4*D 3*M - Augustine's paternal granddam (left) and her dam,
Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D 2*M (right). Breed Leader for Milk Production
(302-1494#-6.8%BF-5.1%Pr) Dam of 5 ARMCH, CH or Nat'l Champions.

Courtesy of Lost Valley .

Dam Line:
CornerStone Farm MM Charity 1*M *D AR

(Photos taken June 2013)

Charity Daughters:
Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2XJrGCH (ADGA, NDGA) Muddy Creek RW Stormy

(Photos courtesy of Helmstead Minis & Olson Acres)

Charity's Sire & Dam's Half Sister:
ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker +*S E AR,
CornerStone Farm STS Ariel EEEE91 2012 AGS National Reserve GCH Senior Doe

Photo courtesy of CornerStone Farm (left) & (right) Photos courtesy of All Season Goats.


*B Olson Acres RC Augustine *S 2XGCH 1XBIS
Sire of CapraKoza AG CousCous 1*M *DAR 1XBU, 2012 Breed Leader AGS 1 Day Milk Test,
CapraKoza AG Confessions 2*M 5*DAR 1xGCH, 1XRGCH,
Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2XJrGCH
Lost Valley TB Raising Cain *S
Full brother to:
ARMCH/CH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising +*S E
2012 AGS National Champion Buck
2008 Reserve National Champion Buck

4 X JGCH, 6 X GCH, 2 X BIS
Sire to Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D 3*M 20'08 AGS Nationals JGCH
Sire of
Olson Acres CD Goldie Hawn, 2x GCH, 2x RsCh, 2010 NDGA National RsCh Jr Doe, 2010 ANDDA Specialty Rsv CH Jr Doe
Olson Acres Zena War Princess
3x GCH, 2x RsvCh
Olson Acres CB Phoebe Buffet 2*M, 2*D 2x GCH, 2x RsCh

Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
Sire to multiple Nationally awarded Finished/AR/* award winning progeny including:
ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo +*S/+B E
2008, '09AGS National Champion Buck 
(sire of mulitple Finished/AR/* winning progeny)

ARMCH/GCH Hill Country's KW BridgesBurn 2*D 1*M '09 AGS National GCH
ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden ++S E
ARMCH Goodwood Elizabeth Ney 2*D E
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily 2*D E'00 National GCH, Top 10 Milk Award '00-'03, '99 All American Milking Yearling

Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S E91.1
'97 Specialty Get of Sire
Sire to: ARMCH Gay-Mor RA Mayfly 4*D Gay-Mors RA Nesselrode *D AR1689 '02 Top 10 Milk Awards Stonewall's Apocolypse Now ++S AR (Tiger L's sire)
ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E 93.9
'97 National GCH '95-'98 Top 10 Milk Production-Breed Leader (305-1003lbs Milk, 80lbs 8% BF, 46lbs 4.6% Protein) Lowest Somatic CC.
Dam to: Gay-Mor's RA Kava 2*D AR '01 Top 10 Milk Award Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump-Up +*S AR
ARMCH Lost Valley BDC Serabi 4*D 3*M
Breed Leader 2009 AGS Milk Production (#1 302-1494lbs, 6.8% BF & 5.1% Protein)!!!
Half sister to:
ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley NW Nala
ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Chloe 4*D 3*M
Lost Valley Ride The Wave *S
Twin Creek's BW Browndirtcowboy *S
Sire to: MCH/GCH Lost Valley BDC Blueberry Wine 3*D 1*M '07 Top 10 1 Day Milk Test (4.4lbs, 4.8% Protein)
Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D
Dam to: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D 3*M E 2009 AGS National  RsGh Sr Doe ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley 4*D,3*M GDam to: ARMCH Lost Valley Madison 3*D 3*M AR 1266 '09 Top 10 Milk Award (304-1138lbs Milk, 74lbs BF 6.5% & 48lbs 4.2% Protein).
CH/MCH Olson Acres Monica1*M *D 
7x GCH, 3x RsvCh,2x Champ Challenge Winner, 3x Best Udder
2009 AGS Top 10 1 Day Milk Award
(5th in Butterfat 7.9%)
Produces 4-5 cups each milking!
Irish Whisper Tom Cruz
(deceased at 3 years old.)
Sire of
Olson Acres Lamb Chop
1x GCH, 1x RsvCh, 1x Best Udder
Piddlin Acres Suzuki Sidekick
Half brother to: CH/MCH Piddline Acres Oddessey, MCH Piddlin Acres Chitty Bang Bang E Piddlin Acres Spirit of Texas +*S Sire to:
Irish Whisper Lady Godiva 4*M AGS Top 10 1 Day Milk Award (4th Protein 4.8%, BF 6.9%)
Irish Whisper Lady Godiva 4*M AGS Top 10 1 Day Milk Award (4th Protein 4.8%, BF 6.9%)
MK Elpaal VAS
Whispering Woods Vera Miles
1x GCH, 1x Best in Show
Full sister to:
CH Sugar Creek's PG Steven Seagal  *S EEE (90) 1x BOB, 2x BIS
Dam of:
Olson Acres Cowboy Cad L Ak1x GCH
MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold +*S E
Sire of CH Sugar Creek's PG Steven Seagal *S EEE90 3XGCH, 1XBOB, 2XBIS Sugar Creek PG Snowdrift 2*D 2006 AGS Top 10 1Day Test: 6th place 4.6# Sugar Creek PG Tailor 3*D 2006 AGS Top 10 1Day Test
Sugar Creek PG Regoice
 *D 2005 AGS Top 10 1Day Test: 3rd Place BF 
Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan 2*D EEEE91 AR1678
Earned her EX91 at age 13!!!
Full sister to 3 AR sibs:
Gay-Mor LT Blue Mariah Carey 2*D E AR1691 Gay-Mor's LT blue Nick Nolte +*S Gay-Mor's LT Blu Mickey Rooney +* S
Dam of:CH Sugar Creek's PG Steven Seagal *S
CornerStone Farm MM Charity 1*M *D/AR 3XGCH, 1XBIS, 2012 ANDDA JuJu Award Winner, 5.4# High Milk Test Day
Score 80.87, 9.5% High BF Score
Dam ofSinai Thunder AG Patience 2XJrGCH
ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker +*S E AR
Full brother to:
MCH Munchranch Dennis the Menace +*S AR (see right)
Sire of multiple AR/* award winners and finished champions including:
Gay-Mor Magic Noon Delight *D AR (G-Dam of Thunderhill Electra '11 NDGA Nat'ls RGCH Dry Doe)
Cornerstone Farm Scopes Phebe *D AR
ARMCH Gay-Mors Magic Naiad 5*D E
(Dam to MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-MOr Lemon Pot-O-Gold +*S)
Munchranch Phantom +S AR
Sire and G-Sire to finished champions, AR/* & SG progeny.
Dav-Lyn Winston
Woodhaven Farm Sparkle
G-Dam of:
Munchranch Cactus Jack (G-Sire to MCH/PGCH Half Pint Flora E '02 AGS RGCH)
MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid E
2000 NDGA National Champion!
Dam to:
MCH Munchranch Dennis The Menace +*S E AR (Prominent PromisedLand buck, G-Sire of GCH/ARMCH PromisedLand Beau-Nita 2*M E91, 3*D E92.4 Breed-Leader 2008 both ADGA & AGS, SGCH/ARMCH PromisedLand Rain-Beau 2*M 3*D AR 2013 ADGA Nat'l Best Udder)
MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay +S AR
Sire of mulitple AR/* daughters and sons including:
Creek Road Hudson +S AR (Buttin'Heads foundation sire of GCH/ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 1*M 3*D and GSire of GCH Buttin'Heads Sharpinsay 1*M 2012 ADGA Nat'l RGCH Sr Doe)
Creek Road Envoy (SM3Pines foundation sire)
Sire of: PGCH/MCH/GCH SM3Pines JurEn's Swell Foop +B, GCH/PGCH/MCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M
G-Sire of:
MCH/CH Creek Creek Sparkles
Willow Luzianne
Dam of MCH Willow Creek Libel (dam of MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B) By Willow's Alias sire of MCH Willow Creek April Morning - Gdam of 2012 ADGA Nat'l GCH Buttin'Heads PaperClip 2*M
4 Fun Upset
Half sister to:
CornerStone Farm STS Azriel  EEEE91- 2012 AGS Nat'l Reserve Champion Senior Doe
4 Fun Seabiscuit *S E
Full brother to:
4 Fun Hettas Promise (Dam to Sugar Creeks PG Rejoice *D AR AGS Top 10 1-Day Milk Test 3rd 7.2% BF 5% P)
Half brother to:
ARMCH 4 Fun Heather 3*D E AR, 4 Fun Bucky (Sire of CH/MCH/PGCH Gay-Mor B Lacewing's Parsley E - dam of CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Cholula, CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero, CH/PGCH Kaapio Acres KK Sage, CH Kaapio Acres Chief Justice)
Caesar's Villa GD Chaps
Half brother to:
ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S AR
Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S ++B AR

Caesar's Villa Lady Stetson 2*D AGS Top 10 6th 303-1061-57-36
ARMCH Stonewall's Hetta Carbury 2*D VG
AGS Top 10 1-Day Milk Test 6th 46.63 pts.
Dam to:
ARMCH 4 Fun Heather 3*D E
'02 1-Day Milk Test
(dam to CornerStone Farm Bethsan '07 AGS Nat'ls JrGCH)
4 Fun Val's Twist of Lemon *S (Sire of MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold +*S)
4 Fun Bucky (Sire of CH/MCH/PGCH Gay-Mor B Lacewing's Parsley E)
MCH Valley View Madison's Medallion
GDam of CornerStone Farm STS Azriel EEEE91 - 2012 AGS Nat'l Reserve Champion Senior Doe
MCH Tupence Madison
Li'l Dynamite Miranda
Half sister to:
Gay-Mor's AD Lib's Mood Ring (G-Dam to Thunderhill A Elektra '11 NDGA Nat'l RGCH Dry Doe)


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