Sinai Thunder
nigerian dwarf goats




AR CapraKoza SG Guns N Roses 1*M, 1*D AR VEEE90


DOB :  3/23/10
Sire :  CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun +S +B
Dam :  Fall Creek Rambling Rose

Registered AGS, ADGA & NDGA


2013, 2014 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Test (in 3 categories)
5.1# High on Milk Test Day
Milked 993# in 302 Days
ANDDA 2013, 2014 Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award (64#), GOLD (71#)
As a First Freshener:
2012 AGS National Top Ten 1 Day Milk Test: #2 in Protein
2012 AGS National Top Ten 1 Day Test: #7 in Butterfat
ANDDA 2012 Sue Rucker Bronze JuJu Award for Butterfat (44#)


     Rose is probably the sweetest, easiest doe in the barn. She's an easy-keeper, easy kidder, and easy to milk. She's another beautiful doe we bought from our dear friends at CapraKoza. We had purchased several from Jill by that point, and did not hesitate for a second when she mentioned they were going to move and forced to make some difficult cuts.
     A beautiful doe that is a combination of power and dairyness, Rose also has an outstanding pedigree: National Champions and National Champion producers on BOTH sides; as well as the steller, record holding BREED LEADERS in the National 305 Day Testing. True to her genetics, Rose was appraised in 2014 and received a VEEE90. She has one of the highest rear udders and strongest medials in our herd.
     Needless to say, Rose can really milk. Her Highest for Test Day were 5.1#, 9.4% BF and 5.5% Protein coming from a wonderful udder, attachments, capacious and very nice plumb teats. (A definite "plus) for those of us with bigger hands).
Rose has been the "almost" 1000# doe for two years. She contracted a mild, short illness toward the end of  the previous lactation (causing her to dry off) and then one of her babies got to her in the PM part of her 1st test of her 2014 lactation. Despite changing the outcome of what easily would have been her best Test to date, Rose still ranked in the AGS National 1 Day Awards for the 3rd year in a row as well as earning the JuJu GOLD for 70# of ButterFat. One of the most rewarding aspects of our program is watching the daughters of our does excel. Rose's first daughter (Rose of Sharon) has not only followed her mama as a beautiful doe, she easily earned her milking stars and AR status. Ironically, she also ended up 2nd in the nation of AGS 1 Day Testing, beating Rose who was 4th. We are very excited to see how "Rosie, jr" does in her 2nd freshening....and her 2014 daughters are correct and lovely. We had our AGS Classification April of 2015---with the hopes of reducing some of our numbers----only to discover both daughters were equally impressive---- to the point we were told to just see which one freshens with the nicest udder. 
All things considered, Rose has earned the place of being one of our foundation does and we are MOST blessed to have Rose. We're very, very thankful for her and the Rudolph family.

Photos of Rose 2014, 12 hour fill.

Rose's Milk Record

Age at Freshening Days In Milk Total lbs Milked Butterfat lbs % BF Protein lbs % P Height Notes
2.00 302 619 44 7.11% 31 5.01%   DHIR 2012
2012 AGS Top 10
#2 Protein (5%)
#7 Butterfat (7.2%)
2012 ANDDA Sue Rucker
Juju Award
2.08 229   2.3 7.2%   5% 20 1/2" 1 Day Milk Test
AGS Top 10 Milk
#7 Butterfat
#8 Protein
2.03 92   2.5 5.9%   4.3% 20 1/2" 1 Day Milk Test
AGS Top 10
#2 Protein
3.01 302 993# 64 6.45% 43 4.3%   2013 DHIR
2013 AGS Top 10
4th in Production (5.1%)
5th in Butterfat & Protein
3.02 42 5.1# - 3.6% - 3.9% 20 3/4" 1 Day Milk test
Score 51.02
3.08 202 2.4# - 9.4% - 5.1% 20 3/4" 2013 Milk Test
4.01 301 940# 71 7.6% 41 4.3%   2014 DHIR
2014 AGS Top 10
4th Protein 5.2%
4.04 71 4.2#   6.5%   3.8% 20 3/4" 2014 1 Day Milk Test

Rose's 1st Freshening (left) and 2nd Freshening 12 hour fill on Test Day 5.1# (right).


As a kid.
(Photo courtesy of Jill Rudolph of CapraKoza.)

Dam Line:

Fall Creek Rambling Rose
(Photo courtesy of Jill Rudolph of CapraKoza.)

Black Locust Porchia
(Photos courtesy of Fall Creek.)


ARMCH Lost Valley BDC Serabi 4*D 3*M
(Photos courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians.)


Sire's Line:

CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun
(Photos courtesy of Jill Rudolph).

Udders behind CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun

2011 AGS National Champion Senior Doe,
MCH/CH/PGCH Kaapio Acres' Black Pearl.
(Photos courtesy of Kaapio Acres).

2011 NDGA National Champion Senior Doe,
GCH Little Tots Estate Trillium 1*M.
(Photos courtesy of Rusty Repp).

2003 AGS National Reserve Champion Senior Doe,
ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D.
(Photo courtesy of Sharon Boger).

ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D.
(Photo courtesy of Sharon Boger.)

CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun
1st Place '07 Nationals Sire & Son

Sire of:
CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acres SG Black Pearl
2011 AGS Nationals GCH
4 X BU
Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon
MCH Kaapio Acres SG Remington
Grandsire of:
GCH Little Tot's Estate Trillium 1*M
2011 NDGA Nationals GCH
Caesar's Villa FD Sugar Foot *S
Sire/Grandsire of Finished Champions including
MCH Brush Creek SF Talisman
Caesar's Villa PN Fiddler *S
Full brother to:
Caesar's Villa PN Fabulous 2*D
2003 AGS Top 10 (3rd 294-1218#, BF 82#, P 53#)

Half brother to:
ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Flaxen 2*D
2002 AGS Top 10 (7th 1097#, P 44#, BF 69#)

ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Bridget *D E90.3 AR 1636
'02 & '04 AGS Top 10 (6th 302-1049#, BF 73# 7%, P 48#)
Caesar's Villa CBS Poncho +*S AR
Sire of Finished Champions & National winners including
ARMCH Caear's Villa PN Fabulous 2*D
ARMCH Inavale Felicia *D VG
AGS 2003 National Grand Champion and Best Udder!
AGS Top 10 1-Day Test Score of 57.45

Dam to multiple finished champions & AR/* award winners including:
ARMCH Caesar's Villa PN Fabulous 2*D
Caesar's Villa STS Flaxen 2*D
Caesar's Villa STS Bridget 2*D E
ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D
AGS 2003 Reserve National Champion!
ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S
Foundation sire. Sire to multiple finished champions.
Full brother to:
ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S +*B E
Sire of foundation doe:
GCH/ARMCH PromisedLand GoodDay SunShine 2*D 1*M E91 AGS '06 Top 10 Award 1200#
Grandsire of:
ARMCH PromisedLand BeauNita 3*D 2*M
2008 AGS Breed Leader of Milk Production!!! 300-1534#-67-59
ARMCH Stonewall's Serena *D AR1515
Jeanne's Jewel Opal
Dam of:
PGCH Brush Creek Mercy
2 X BU

Granddam to:
CH/MCH/PGCH LTE Thalictrum
11 X GCH

G-Granddam of:
LTE Zamia
2011 NDGA National Champion!
Goodwood Hershey Bar ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree ++*S
Foundation Sire in Nigerian breed. Sire to multiple finished champions, AR/*'s.
Sire to:
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++*S (Rosasharn)
Goodwood Trillium *D E (Gay-Mor)
Goodwood Tahoka *D
Goodwood Napier
Brush Creek Brownie
Half sister to:
Willows Trademark
(Dam to MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay & MCH Willow Creek Libel)
Hayseed Captain Bligh
Willow's Milky Way
Dam to:
Willows Trademark
G-Dam of:
MCH Willow Creek Libel
MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay +S
(Sire to Creek Road Hudson +S AR, MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid, Creek Road Envoy)
Fall Creek Rambling Rose
1st Place Dam & Daughter w/ MCH Black Locust Porchia
Lost Valley TB Raising Cain *S
Full brother to:
ARMCH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising +*S E
2010 AGS Nat'l Grand Champion!
2008 AGS Nat'l Reserve Grand Champion!
Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S AR
Sire of many influential and foundation animals who have completed their championships and earned awards AR & *'s.
Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S
ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E93.9
'97 AGS National Champion
'95, '96, '97 & '98 Top 10 Milk Production & BREED LEADER 305-1003# BF 80# 8%, P 46# 4.6%
MCH Lost Valley BDC Serabi 4*D 3*M
'09 AGS Top 10 BREED LEADER (302-1494#, BF 102# 6.8%, P 76# 5.1%
Dam to:
ARMCH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising ++*S E
2010 AGS National Champion
2008 AGS Reserve National Champion
(Sire to Lost Valley Say My Name 3*D 2*M 2008 AGS National Jr Champ)
Twin Creek's BW Browndirtcowboy +*S
Sire to:
MCH/PGCH Lost Valley BDC Blueberry Wine 3*D 3*M
2007 AGS Top 10 1-Day Milk Test (4.4#, 4.8% Protein)
Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D AR
Dam to multiple champions and award winners including:
ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Nala E 4*D 4*M 2009 AGS National Reserve Champion
G-Dam to:
ARMCH Lost Valley Madison 3*D 3*M AR 2166 2009 AGS Top 10 (304-1138#, BF 74# 6.5%, P 48# 4.2%)
MCH Black Locus Porcha
7 X BU
Caesar's Villa GD Adonis *S
Sire of:
PGCH Brush Creek Honor 1*M
Goodwood Cimmaron Giddyup +S
Sire of:
Caesar's Villa GD Zippy
'02 AGS Top 10 1-Day Milk Test (5th place; score 56.09)
ARMCH Caesar's Villa Annie Oakley 3*D
Daughter of Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++*S AR
Brush Creek Weedpatch Brush Creek Grand Larceny
Son of Willow Creek Larceny (Sire of Brush Creek Carpe Diem +S (Sire of CH/ARMCH Buttin'Heads Carmen Sandiego 6*D) x MCH Willows April Morning
Half brother to:
PGCH Brush Creek Honor 1*M
Brush Creek Patchwork


Show Record



Guns N Roses' Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
4-19-12 1 1 Olson Acres RC Augustine +*S +*B Sinai Thunder AG Friar Tuck *S *B
Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M 2*DAR
2014 AGS Top 10 2nd Place
4-23-13 2 1 CapraKoza TR Tevye *S *B Sinai Thunder Rose of Jericho (Wether)
Sinai Thunder Desert Rose
Sinai Thunder Dew on the Roses (polled)
5-1-14 2 1 AOF Mardi's Nabucco *S Sinai Thunder Bethlehem Rose
Sinai Thunder Midnight Rose


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