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Sinai Thunder Sales & Pricing Policy

First---one of my greatest joys is matching up the right goat(s) with the right owner. But please know, as much as I am committed to selling you the animal that fits your needs and don't foresee any issues,  I do maintain the right to retain any goat, at any time. And, I thank you for your understanding.

I DO plan each breeding with the intention of using them for my future breeding stock.
Obviously retaining every baby isn't realistic---so, here's my sales policy:

I like things simple, so I do not require a deposit from a breeding. Just contact me (via email, so we both have a record) to reserve the kid(s) of a particular breeding you're interested in (before birth). I'll keep track of reservations according to the date we are contacted. I will notify you when I get your reservation, as well as when the kid(s) are born. 
Unless arrangements have previously been made, you have 48 hrs to make your decision. If I don't hear from you, then I'll contact the next name on the list. 

Once I get your commitment (via email), I require a $100 deposit within 5 days. If we don't receive payment, you place me in the position of contacting the next person on the list. To make it easier for you: we do accept PayPal. l will also take cash, money order, or a check. Please note: if you are paying by check, it MUST be cleared 10 business days AHEAD of departure.

In the event something happens between time of birth and pickup, I'll gladly refund your deposit or apply it toward a baby that would also fit your needs, whichever you prefer.

Because we dam raise, there will be at least an 8-10 week wait, unless special circumstances arise. You will need to have the baby paid in-full at the time, or before you pick it up. Please note,  there will be no exceptions. Although I would not expect to do so, I do reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation and at that time, any deposit would be immediately refunded. 

Any and all costs associated with shipping or transportation, including any health certificates/related testing, crates, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer.  Show Stock will be free of disqualifying faults at the time of pick up. However, once they leave our farm, there are no other guarantees to the future health, height, or quality of the animal.

There...the Disclaimers are done!!!!  Now for our Pricing Policy....

We take great pride in our breeding program and are very blessed at the results we've seen. However because we Dam Raise, I end up very attached to the babies and found it increasingly difficult to determine who to sell, as well as a fair amount to charge. After viewing the sales policy at Buttin'Heads Farm, I feel its a superb format in which to price the ones we do decide to sell. (Many thanks goes to Tom Rucker).

Our Pricing Chart (below) was adjusted to fit our program.  As you can see, the price of  kids are based on the accomplishments of the dam in 3 areas: Linear Appraisal, Milk programs (DHIR &/or 1Day), plus Show successes  Does with exceptional records may have kids priced higher than the chart.

Please note: I feel this industry only needs the highest caliber of herd sires; thus, we are very selective on which buck kids will be sold intact. So, the few offered will be priced the same price as the doelings. And, because genetics are out of our control, not every combination turns out the way we plan. (i.e. the combination of two fabulous animals can sometimes still result in a pet-quality animal) If this happens, the price for such an animal will be adjusted accordingly.

Dam's Record Kid Price
Base price $400
*M *D (DHIR)
Advanced Registry (AR)
800-999# milk production
National Top 10 Milk Award
Breed Leader (#1 Doe)
LA Mammary E +$50
LA Final Score 90+ +$50
SG Designation +$50
Restricted GCH Leg
(Junior or Dry Doe)
Official GCH Leg +$100
Finished Champion +$200
(in lieu of other legs)
For example:

****a kid out of a *M/*DAR doe ($400 + $50), that milked 900# (+$25) with an E for Mammary on LA (+$50), and won her Jr GCH (+$50) would be priced at $575. 

Note: the prices in each column are added according to the succeeding accomplishment:

****a kid whose Dam has earned her *M/*DAR ($400+ $50), that milked 1100# (+$25, +$25), and was awarded Top 10 Milk Awards (+50) would be $550. (if she was Breed Leader, an additional $50 added to make the price $600)

(Please note that these prices are for pre-reserved kids only.  Once kids are born, prices may be increased.)

If you have any questions, please contact me....God's BLESSINGS be yours.


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