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SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M *D AR VEVV88, 89.8VG+

A casual photo taken in the field (mid afternoon) with babies still nursing 8/14.

DOB :  5/15/11 Twin

Sire :  CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino E91
Dam: Little Tots Estate Crocosmia 1*M

2013, 2014 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Test (in ALL 4 categories)
2013 ADGA National Top 10 305 Day Awards
4.9# on 1st Test Day as FF (Score: 78.35)
Milked 1020# in 305 Days
ANDDA 2013, 2014 Sue Rucker GOLD JuJu Award


     Tiqvah---Hebrew for Hope---belongs to another Granddaughter whose middle name is Hope. We bought her from Little Tots Estate when she was a baby and is one of the original Fab 5. From the very first day, I have loved this doe. She is simply exquisite!!!! Hope's sire is a triple Finished Champion who also has earned a 91 on his appraisal. Her dam's sire, Swell Foop, has produced some of the loveliest Finished does I've seen. His litter sister, Sugar Glider (dam to our Allamanda), and their dam, Jurassic have produced 11 Finished Champions!!! (Which are now producing Champions).
     True to form, Hope's conformation is hard to fault and we are more than blessed that she has turned out to be one of our best milkers. 
Hope has lovely teat length, orifices, placement, attachments, and capacity. As a First Freshener---Hope ended up milking over 1000#!!!! Along with her Butterfat topping 9% mulitiple times, she ended up in the ADGA & AGS National Top 10 Milking awards both for 1 Day testing (all 4 categories) and 305 Day. Her 2nd Freshening (2014) lactation was just shy of 1200# for 305 Days, with her High as 5.1#. Because Hope kidded after March 1st AGS Deadline, her Top 10 305 score will be reported in their 2015 results. In addition, we were so blessed when Hope classified with an 89.8 which was rated at VG+ in April 2015---being 10 months fresh!!!! In ADGA's Linear Appraisal (summer of 2014), Hope was not only awarded a VEVV88, but she also received her Superior Genetics (SG) Designation. A huge accomplishment and one which we are most thankful for.
Hope is full of personality, very affectionate, a wonderful mother, and is also one of the most vocal goats in the barn...especially when she's in heat. She is polled with MoonSpots, to which she passes on. Her daughter, Saphronia (pictured below) is covered with them. Our policy of wethering all bucks born from FFs, was quickly altered when we saw how nice her buck-kids were and what a wonderful milker she is. In fact we ended up breeding several of our very best does to them---and the babies are exactly what I had hoped. I am really excited about this doe and feel extremely blessed. I feel she's really just one of God's gifts to us and send my most heartfelt gratitude to Rusty & Lucy.


Hope's Milk Record

Age at Freshening Days In Milk Total lbs Milked Butterfat lbs % BF Protein lbs % P Height Notes
1.10 305 1020# 78   40     2013 DHIR
2013 ADGA Top 10 305
2013 AGS Top 10 305
2013 AGS Top 10 1 Day
#4 (Score 78.35)
#5 Production
#6 Butterfat
#7 Protein
2013 JuJu Award GOLD
1.10 367 1167# 91 7.8% 47 4.03%   2013 Total Lactation
1.11 31 4.9#   9.1%   3.2% 21 1/2" 2013 Total Lactation
3.00               2014 DHIR in progress
2014 AGS Top 10 1 Day
3.01 38 5.1#   6.1%   3.2% 21 1/2" 1 Day Milk Test (2014)

Hope's first freshening udder.

2nd Freshening udder (12 hour fill)

Hope & Saphronia (left) and Hope as a Yearling (right).

Hope's 2013 kids:
Saphronia (left), Agnus Dei *B *S (center) and St Patrick *B *S (right)


Sire Line:

CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino E91

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate and Buffalo Clover Nigerians.

Five Alarm Sophia Loren *D (2XGCH & 1XBU) (on left), her daughter PGCH Buffalo Clover Chinati VEVE89

Photo taken at the '05 OK State Fair. Photos courtesy of Buffalo Clover.

PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cookies N Cream

Photos courtesy of Lil Carolina Kids.


Dam Line:

Little Tots Estate Crocosmia

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

Little Tots Estate Gerbera

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

GCH/MCH/PGCH SM3Pine's JurEn's Swell Foop +B *DS & GCH/MCH/PGCH SM3Pine's JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M *DD

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

Swell Foop Daughters
GCH/PGCH Brush Creek Hallelujah 1*M *DD &
GCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M *DD
Both does are in the 2012 NDGA All Time Top 10 One Day Milk Test Records.

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

Levi Legend Daughters
Little Tots Estate Leucothoe 1*M *DD
GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M 2*DD (Out of Sugar Glider)

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

Little Tots Estate Kalanchoe
Dam of Little Tots Estate Zamia 2011 NDGA Nat'l JrGCH
& Little Tots Estate Sugar Cookie 3*M

Photos courtesy of Little Tots Estate.

PromisedLand DBA Thundersnow

Photo courtesy of Olde South Farm.


CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino E (91)
12 x GCH, 4 x Champion Challenge 4 x BOB, 5x Best in Show
3/4 Brother to
PGCH Buffalo Clover Chianti VEVE89
Sire of multiple GCHs, BIS, including Buffalo Clover Patches
2012 NDGA National Champion Jr. Doe.
Buffalo Clover Sugar Daddy
GCH Sr Buck
MCH Woodhaven Farms Krugerrand
Sire of
PGCH Buffalo Clover Mandy 4x Best Udder
Buffalo Clover Chianti 2x Best Udder
Flat Rocks SwashBuckle Buckaroo
Sire of:
MCH/PGCH Woodhaven Farms Pepe Le Pew 2002 AGS National Champion Buck, Best in Show, Champion Challenge. 
Gsire GCH Little Tots Estate Bambusa 1*M
Son of:
Flat Rocks Gem x Flat Rocks Treasure
Woodhaven Farms Gold Digger
Dam of:
MCH/PGCH Woodhaven Farms Pepe Le Pew (See above)--sire of multiple Finished CH's includ 
CH Pride of Texas Frankie Mc)
PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cookies N Cream
GDam of PGCH Buffalo CLover Princess *D NDGA National Champion Sr Doe, 7x Best Udder.
Woodhaven Farms Texas Twister
Sire of 
Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M, 6x GCH, 9x Best Udder
Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadillac
 (Sire ofLittleTotsEstate Camellia2010 ADGA Natl Rs CH Jr Doe)
PGCH Woodhaven Farms Ok Doe Kay
Five Alam Sophia Loren *D
2x GCH, 1x Best Udder
Dam of PGCH Buffalo Clover Chianti
Flat Rocks Cassanova Twin Creeks BW Rip Tide
Flat Rocks June Bug 
Branch's Rikki Tikki Flat Rocks Kipling
North RockBottom Sweet Gerkin 
Little Tots Estate Crocosmia
1x GCH
Blue Eyes
Dam of Little Tots Estate Gerbera
1x JrGCh, 1x Best Jr in Show
PGCH/MCH/GCH SM3Pines JurEn's Swell Foop +B, *DS
Litter brother to GCH/PGCH/MCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M 10x GCH, 3x Best Udder
(Dam of GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M, *DD---by Levi Legend [below]) Full Brother to: CH SM3Pines CRE Wizard Sire of: CH/PGCH Brush Creek Hallelujah 1*M, *DD 6xGCH, 6x BestUdder 2012 NDGA All Time Top 10 Milk Test 52.42 (Dam of GCH Little Tots Estate Bellis 2*M, 2*DD) GCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M, *DD 13x Best of Breed, 4x Best Udder, 2012 NDGA All-Time Top 10 Milk Test 49.6 3.8# PGCH Little Tots Estate Amaranthus
Creek Road Envoy 
2x GCH, 3x BOB
Sire of multiple Finished and National Champions, inclu: GCH/PGCH/MCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M (Dam of multiple Finished/* Award daughters, inclu; GCH LTE Acanthus 3*M, 2*DD, GCH SM3Pines TS Vanilla 3*M) PGCH/MCH/CH LIttle Tots Estate Tsuga 2002 NDGA National Champion Jr Buck, 11x GCH, 2x Best in Show. (Sire of multiple Finished/National/AR/* award winning progeny, inclu: CH/MCH/PGCH Little TotsEstate Thalictrum, CH/PGCH LittleTotsEstate Calily, 2007 NDGA Natl Rs CH Sr Doe and Best in Milk, etc)
MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay +S 
Sire of multiple AR/* progeny inclu
Creek Road Hudson 
+S AR(Buttin Heads Foundation Sire of GCH/ARMCH Buttin Heads Wedding Song3*D/*M)
ARMCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid *D 'E'
ARMCHMunchranch PH Magic Marker +*S, ARMCHMunchranch Dennis the Menace +*S, etc)
MCH/CH Creek Road Sparkles
MCH Twin Creeks LS PIxie Fern
Litter Sister to:
ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S 'E'
Full sister to
MCH/PGCH Twin Creeks Midsummernitedream 2*D AR 'E' 
Half sister to Foundation Sire 
Twin Creeks Brave Heart ++S---(sire of ARMCHTwin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S 'E')
(Daughter of Twin Creeks Foundation Doe 1999 & 2000 AGS Natl Ch Doe:MCH/PGCH Raha
Acres Twink's Pixie *D 'E' x MCHHBF Lucky Strike 'E')
ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry's Jurassic 2*D, 1*M 1998-00 AGS Top 10 Milk Production Awards (292-982#-73 (7.4%)-45 [4.6%]) 
Dam of multiple Finished/National/AR/*d Champions, inclu: GCH SM3Pines PT Tsaber +S (Sire of GCH SM3Pines TS Vanilla 3*M) GCH/PGCH/MCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider, (above), PGCH/GCH SM3Pines PT Tigress 2*M,*DD (2012 NDGA All-Time Top 10) MCH Gay-Mor Tut's Lion King *S MCH Gay-Mor's Lucky Native Dancer 2001 ANNDA All American Yearling
Goodwood Lingonberry ++*S AR
Sire of many AR/* National Award winners, inclu
Gay-Mor Berrys Johnny Jump-up +*S AR (sire ofARMCH Stonewall's Hetta Carbury 2*D, 
2001 AGS Top 10 Milk Awards
Gay-Mor Berrys Jetstream+*S AR (Foundation Sire for Jobi)
Gay-Mors Jin Rickey 2*D AR 1999 AGS Breed Leader Milk Production 1140#
Gay-Mors Jambaylaya 2*D 1997 AGS Top 10 Milk Awards (4th) 1009#
ARMCH Unicorn Farms Parnell's Panda *D 
AGS Top 10 MIlk Awards (2nd overall, 1st in BF: 7.9% 1998)--1115# milk production, Top 10 1996-99.
Dam of
ARMCH Gay-Mors RA Nightowl 2*D 'E' AGS 1 Day Test 4.8#
Little Tots Estate Thymus
Half Sister to LittleTots Estate HollyBerry (Dam of Kaapio Acres V Baby Pebbles, 2007 Elk Co Gr CH Yearling Milker, ReserveCH Mother/Daughter w PGCH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik)  
Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend 
Sire/Gsire of multiple FInished Champions and Milk Award winners GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M, 2*DD (out of Sugar Glider--above) Gsire of GCH/PGCH SM3PInes PT Tigress 2*M,
Woodhaven Farms Leviathan
Sire of
PGCH Bluebonnet Farm Molly 2xBest Udder
GrSire of PGCH Buffalo Clover Princess *D, *DD NDGA National CH Doe, 7x Best Udder, 2012 NDGA Top 10 All Time 1 Day Test *(see Sire's line w/PGCH Cookies N Cream)
Woodhaven Farms Fetching 
Son of Flat Rocks Swashbuckle Buckaroo (see above, top) X Woodhaven Farms Laceys Avon
PromisedLand DBA Thundersnow
Olde South Foundation Doe 
Half Sister to: PromisedLand CP Seniorita *D AR
2004 AGS Top 10 1Day Milk Test
Gdam of
Olde South Cocoa Delight 1*M*D,+DAR  2011: 298=737-55 (7.5%)-35 (4.7%) Olde South Alabama Summer 1*M, *D, *DAR
Green Gate Discover E (92.1)
2000 AGS National Champion Junior Buck
2000 NDGA National Champion Junior Buck
Son of Green Gate Blue Exiguus (E,E) x Green Gate Xanadoo [1999 NDGA National CH Doe)
Both sire/dam are by
MCH/PGCH Goodwood
Xray EE
Ponders End Barbara Ann
(Daughter of Twin Creeks Bit Bravado *S x MCH Ponders End Maximum Praise 'E')
Dam of PromisedLand CP Seniorita*D AR 


Show Record



Tiqvah's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
3-17-13 1 2 Sycamore Springs Peg's Valor *S *B Sinai Thunder V Saphronia Day (polled)
Sinai Thunder V Saint Patrick *S *B (polled)
Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei *S *B (polled)
6-4-14 1 3 Sinai Thunder AG Asher *S *B Sinai Thunder ASH Hope Eternal
Sinai Thunder Asher's Levi *S *B (polled)
Sinai Thunder Asher's Judah *S *B (polled)
Sinai Thunder ASH Benjamine (wether)


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