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AR CapraKoza BT Imperial Topaz 2*M 3*D AR
LA 2014: +VVE 85


DOB :  3/25/11 (Twin)
Sire :  Flat Rocks Blue Topaz
Dam :  GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie 1*M 2*D AR

     New Year's Eve Day 2013----found us at the farm of our dear friends, the Rudolph Family----picking up a doe we were pretty excited about: CapraKoza BT Imperial Topaz (who is out of one of our best does, Susie). Sadly we had lost the babies from Susie's last two freshenings and when it became questionable as to whether we'd get a daughter from her, I contacted Jill .  Besides Susie being a Finished Champion and in the National Top 10 Milking awards (as well as undeniably the Herd Queen), she is also one of my all time favorites to milk. Her udder attachments, teat length & placement, and overall milkability, just make her an absolute dream.  
     Almost instantly, Topaz established herself as one of the sweetest, kindest goats I've ever been around and is so very loving....not only on a daily basis, but also while in labor. It was mid-afternoon when she just tucked herself away in the corner of the barn, and decided it was time to kid. Even though I had been checking her hourly and she was showing no signs, I happened to walk by her, looked over---and there she was----pushing---quiet as a mouse. Easy delivery, great mama, licked her babies clean and allowed them to nurse like she's been doing this for years. And, when I milked her the first time after kidding, I wanted to do the Dance for Joy (no pun intended to Susie's GrDam)....she milks even nicer than Susie---a tribute to the Flat Rocks genetics.
     Topaz is by a Flat Rocks Gem son (Blue Topaz), and out of one of Sunni Milligan's reportedly favorite does, Five Alarm Prism. Tragically, Blue Topaz died---having only bred 5 does. However, his 3 litter sisters are alive and very impressive. One, Flat Rocks Kyonite was appraised this year with a VEEE 90, at age 7. Another sister is Flat Rocks Galena *DAR, milked 5.3# on her first test, and was appraised at  +EEV, at age 6. The other sister, Flat Rocks Prism, a GCH doe owned by Vicki Olson, is described as being a "very well balanced doe; solidly built & very well blended. She has a tight front-end with very sharp, tight shoulders, excellent brisket extension, and a very strong top line. Prism has a beautiful, glued-on udder all the way around with superior capacity and is soft & easy to milk.  She has an excellent fore udder extension, very nice height & width to her rear udder. Her teat placement and teat size is sublime.
     As you can see, Topaz has both her Dam's and Sire's dairy genetics. Her udder is really lovely...easy to milk, perfect attachments, lovely medial, orifices, and teat
 length...VERY deserving of the E she received in Mammary. As sweet as Topaz is, she is not super photogenic, nor particularly fond of pigs. We take pictures of our does just before milking them on Milk Test Day. They aren't super eager to pose, as it what you can't see, is Topaz was actually standing picture-perfect...until Luli photo-bombed the session. (Luli is our "teacup" pig [who obviously, isn't]---but nonetheless, is still loved---most of the time. She blissfully wonders the farm in search of any treats and apparently, an occasional photo session!!!
Next year........


Topaz's Milk Record

Age at Freshening Days In Milk Total lbs Milked Butterfat lbs % BF Protein lbs % P Height Notes
3.11 305 795 50 6.5% 30 3.75%   2014 DHIR
AGS Top 10 Protein
4.0 33 4.0 - 4.6% - 3.5% 19 7/8" 2014 1 Day Milk Test

July 2014 (Udder 12 hour fill).

Topaz daughter (2014) Sinai Thunder P Sardonyx

Pictured at 5 months.

Dam Lines:

GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie 1*M 2*D AR

2012 & 2013 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Awards

Dam MCH Pecan Hollow BlueBonnet *D

(Photo courtesy of Pecan Hollow Farm).

MCH/CH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D E
2002 AGS National Champion, Best Udder & Best of Breed

Pictured at 10 years old! (Photo courtesy of Twin Creeks Farm).

Sire Line:

Flat Rocks Blue Topaz

Photo curtesy of CapraKoza

Blue Topaz Progeny:
Sunnydale BT Farm Juliet

Photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl.

CapraKoza BT Lapis Luzuli *S *B, CapraKoza BT Ultramarie &  CapraKoza BT Ima Gem

Courtesy of CapraKoza.

Imperial Topaz's littermate brother: CapraKoza BT Aragonite

Courtesy of CapraKoza.

Blue Topaz Sisters:
Flat Rocks Prism, Flat Rocks Kyanite VEEE90, Flat Rocks Galena *D +EEV88

Topaz's littermate sisters, Left: Flat Rocks Prism (courtesy of Vicky Olson of Olson Acres, Center: Flat Rocks Kyanite (courtesy of John Nelson) and Right: Flat Rocks Galena (Courtesy of Joanne Karohl).

Blue Topaz's Dam, 5 Alarm Prism

8 hours fill.
Photos courtesy of Flat Rocks Farm.

Gem's Dam MCH Flat Rocks Surprise *D, Gem's twin sister MCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D E

Left photo courtesy of Flat Rocks Farm, Right courtesy of PromisedLand Farm.

Gem daughter: CH Flat Rocks Voodoo Princess 1*M 1*D

Courtesy of CapraKoza Farm.

Flat Rocks Blue Topaz
Litter brother to: 
Flat Rocks Kyanite VEEE 90 1x GCH
Flat Rocks Prism 1x GCH, 2x Rsv GCH  
Flat Rocks Galena *DAR +EEV88 (2013),VVVE88 (2014) 5.3# on 1st Milk Tes
Flat Rocks Gem +S ++B
Litter brother to: ARMCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D E, 9x Best Udder
Flat Rocks Foundation Sire of many multiple Finished CHs, National Milk Award winning progeny, inclu:
CH Flat Rocks Tuan EEE90
Flat Rocks Charybdis *DAR VEVE90 2011 ADGA National Best Udder
Flat Rocks Voodoo Princess 1*M *D

Flat Rocks Mighty Fine
Sire of 
ARMCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D E 8x Best Udder
Flat Rocks Flash +S
(see both below)
Flat Rocks Mighty Mike
Willow Creeks Amaretto
MCH Flat Rocks Surprise *D
Dam of
ARMCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D E 8x Best Udder (Dam of PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M, 9x BU, )
Flat Rocks Flash
 +S E 5x GCH (Sire of MCH Little Rascals Black Dahlia 2*D E Gsire of ARMCH Flat Rocks Here for the Party *D E91.1)
Goodwood Alamo Messenger ++S
Sire/Gsire of multiple Foundation/ CHs inclu
Goodwood Mindy *D (Dam of+B ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S E)
MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D, MCHGoodwood Weisbaden E, MCH Goodwood Lucky Strike +S E, etc
Willows Bonehead 
Foundation Doe in Flat Rocks herd
Five Alarm Prism
"Beautiful udder, perfect teat placement"
Flat Rocks Numbskull
Twin brother to: Flat Rocks  Knucklehead 5x GCH
Flat Rocks Champion Design
Willows Bonehead
Flat Rocks Spoiled Rotten
glued on udder, lovely
Munchranch Cactus Jack
GSire of MCH Ponders End Minstrel Show 
Flat Rocks Kaleidoscope
GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie 1*M/AR, 2*D/AR
2013 AGS National Top 10 1Day Test
2013 ANDDA JuJu Awards Bronze 48# BF
Dam of:
*B CapraKoza TR Tevye *S 
(Sire of 2 Jr GCH's Does in 2014: 
Sinai Thunder T Love Letters, 
Sinai Thunder T Amazing Grace)
Pecan Hollow Winged Watchman  
(Sire of 
PGCH Cori's Fancy WW Damiana 2*M VVVE 88
3x GCH, 3x RsGCH)
CapraKoza SG Black Smoke 3*D
Pecan Hollow TeneesseeWaltz *S
Litter Brother to:
Pecan Hollow Shatase 2x GCH, Best Udder, Best of Breed 
(dam of: MCH/CH Pecan Hollow SF Rain Dance)
MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S
2002 AGS National Rsv Champion Buck

Sire of multiple Finished Champions and AR award winners inclu CH Pecan Hollow PS Floribunda
SG QSF Here's A RIddle 2*D, 2*M AR TOP 10 2005 ADGA Milk Production 5.5#, 6.2% BF, 4.6% Pro (Dam of multiple SGCH, GCH, SG award winners inclu:SGCH Pholia Farm KM Harriet 3*M, 2010 Breed Leader (2.11-305-1060#, 74# BF [7.0%], 45# Pro 4.2%]), etc.)
Full brother to  Twin Creeks Storm Surge +*S AR (sire of: ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 6*D 'E' 2007 ANDDA Total Performer Winner & Award, 2007 AGS All Time BREED LEADER for 1Day Test
6.9#, 4.2% BF, score: 73.07)
MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S (sire ofARMCH/GCH Lost Valley ML Mathilda 3*D, 3*M, Lost Valley ML Cabernet, 2010 AGS Reserve National CH Jr Doe, etc) 
ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S E
Twin Creek Foundation Sire/Gsire of Multiple Finished/AR Award and National winning, Foundation progeny inclu ARMCH Lost Valley Tae Bo +*S/+B E (91.4), '09 & '10 AGS National CH Buck.MCH/CH Twin Creeks BW Fantasea 2*D, 1*M 'E' 2006 AGS National Reserve Champion Sr Doe
MCH/CH  Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D E, 2002 AGS National Champion Doe, Best Udder and Best Doe in Show. 4.7# 5.88% BF
dam of MCH Twin Creeks Firestorm *S (sire of 2007 AGS National CH Buck MCH Doe-Sy-Do Victory Flame *S 'E', MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL FireFlame, etc), MCH/GCH Twin Creeks Sarafina 5*D 'E', MCH/GCH Twin Creeks Talk about Me 5*D 'E' 2003 AGS National Champion Jr Doe, 2004 AGS National 1st Place Yearling MIlker.
MCH/PGCH Little Rascals Dance for Joy
(5x BU  7 xGCH  4 xRGCH)
Flat Rocks Romanov
Piddlin Acres  Flashdance
MCH Pecan Hollow LH Bluebonnet *D
5x GCH, 1x Rs CH Dr Doe, 5x Best Udder
AGS 2006 Top Ten Milk Awards 1Day Test.
Dill Pickles Lion Heart
Sire/Gsire of Finished Champions and AR/* award winners inclu:
Dill Pickle TM Maid Marian *D +EEE 90, 1*M 2009 AGS Top 10 Milk Awards 1 Day Milk Test 4.6#, 
dam of GCH Tx Twin Creeks MS Maid of Honor 2*D, VEEE, 2*M 2011 AGS Top 10 ! Day Test 3rd overall: 5.4# milk, 5.3% BF PGCH Pecan Hollow Christmas Carol 3*D 7x GCH, 7x Rs CH, 1x BIS, 1x BU 2006 AGS Top 10 (8th)1 Day Milk Test
Twin Creeks AA Purple Heart +*S AR G+
Sire of; PGCH/MCH Pecan Hollow Savannah *D 2004 NDGA National Champion Sr Doe 6x Best Udder MCH Twin Creeks PH Wildfire MCH Twin Creeks PH Summer Solstice *S (Gsire of CH/MCH/PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven)
Twin Creeks BW  Bear Cat *D AR
Green Gate Mahogany Lace
Half sister to: 
Green Gate King Tristan +S AR
(sire of 
HIll Country's Tanisha 2001 AGS National CH Jr Doe, and Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D--[dam of MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S, sire of Lost Valley ML Cabernet, 2010 AGS National Reserve Champion Junior Doe])
dam of 
Happy Tailz Zip Royal Star E 90.95
MCH/PGCH Goodwood X- Ray +S EE '99 National Champion Buck 
Sire of Finished Champions and National AR/* award winners, inclu: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella's Prince ++*S AR EE Green Gate Golden Oak +*S E Green Gate Ginger 5*D AR
Gsire of multiple Finished Champions, inclu 
ARMCH Green Gates Lil Red Riding Hood *D 'E' 2002 AGS Milk Awards 1Day Test (dam of ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep 2*D AR 286-1243-65-5.2-51-4.1)
Full sister to: WGF Tess (dam of MCH Green Gate King Midas +S AR, (sire of multiple National AR/* award winners inclu: Piddlin Acres Start A Rumor *D, *M AR---ADGA 2005 BREED LEADER, AGS 2004 Top 10 Production Awards)MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella *D (Dam of Green Gate Golden Oak +*S, MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella's Prince ++*S AR EE [above])
WGF Rosie *D)


Show Record



Topaz's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
11-16-12 0 0 unknown unknown
5-27-14 2 1 Sinai Thunder V St Patrick *S *B Sinai Thunder ST PAT Sardonyx
Sinai Thunder ST PAT Sapphire
Sinai Thunder ST PAT Jasper (wether)


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